About Bella Bast

Bella Bast Rescue, Inc. is a rescue group dedicated to providing rescue, aid and care for unwanted, abused, neglected and needy cats. Our adoption center is located at The Animal Pantry at 620 Sunrise Highway in West Babylon. There you will find some of our lucky kitty rescues waiting for their forever homes. We also have a very close relationship with The Good Shepherd Cat Sanctuary and continue to fundraise for their needs as well as ours:
Debra Pluchino's Fundraising Page

We have done rescues from South Carolina to Patterson New Jersey and Spanish Harlem, NY. We believe that every cat deserves to live and be loved. "Bella" is Italian for "beautiful". "Bast" was the Egyptian Cat-Goddess.


Bella Bast Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and enriching the lives of the unwanted. We seek .to make sure that every cat we rescue is placed in a safe and loving environment, and while in our care is properly cared for medically and emotionally. In the future, as we grow, we intend to work
strenuously to ensure heavier penalties within our laws regarding animal abuse.